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SSDI Benefit Claim DeniedThe reality is that most initial applications for Social Security Disability are denied. But you still have options. After a denial, you can re-file or appeal your claim. We recommend that you appeal, and our social security disability law firm can guide you through the entire appeal process. An important note: you must request for your denial to be reviewed within 60 days of receiving a denial letter.

Levels of The Appeal Process

    • Reconsideration review: During this process, a claims examiner will reconsider your file.
    • Hearing before an Administrative Law Judge: This judge will review your claim, and any additional medical evidence you provide, and make a final decision after conducting an interview with you and a vocational expert at the hearing.
    • Review by the Appeals Council of an Administrative Law Judge’s decision: This body will review the Administrative Law Judge’s decision for errors, such as failure to consider medical evidence available at the hearing.
    • A suit filed for federal district court (after denial by the Appeals Council): This is the final stage, after only receiving denials, is to have a suit filed in federal district court.

Talk With Our Experienced Attorneys

With an experienced SSDI attorney from our firm, you will feel more comfortable in knowing that we can guide you through each stages of an appeal and ultimately give you the best chance of winning your case. In order to have success and win your case, we will prepare for the following:

        • Having all paperwork and forms in order
        • Appealing before the deadline
        • Discovering and providing new evidence
        • Representing you during hearings

You’ve worked hard for years paying into the Social Security system. Don’t jeopardize your chances of winning your case Talk to our SSDI attorneys to find out how we can help you successfully appeal the denial of your claim.

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