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If you are injured on the job in Atlanta, you’re entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If those benefits are denied or you experience difficulty in obtaining what is due, an attorney can help you to protect your rights and obtain the remuneration that you deserve. But your Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can also help you to understand what your responsibilities are as an employee when it comes to workers’ compensation.

For example, your attorney would definitely inform you that your most important responsibility when it comes to workers’ compensation is to report an injury or illness as soon as possible to your employer. It’s best to report an injury right after it occurs, but by law you must report it within 30 days of the incident in order to be eligible for full benefits. In the case of an illness, it may have developed over time; however, as soon as you know that you have become ill because of your job, you need to tell your employer.

In addition to assisting you in understanding your obligations when it comes to reporting an incident or illness, your Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can also help you to understand what you should do when you return to work following an injury. If you have been injured while at your job in Atlanta, workers’ compensation attorney John A. Snyder can make sure you fully understand all your rights and responsibilities. He will also aggressively pursue the benefits to which you are entitled if you are having difficulties with your workers’ compensation claim.

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