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When Do I Report My Work-Related Injury Or Illness?

The most important rule for you to follow is to report to your boss as soon as possible after you have an on-the-job accident or as soon as you believe the job has somehow made you sick.

In the cases of a work-related injury, you usually must report the incident within 30 days to qualify for all workers’ comp benefits. For example, if you strain your back at work, but decide that you can go on working you might wait to report your injury. But, why wait? If you report the incident right away and show your boss how you hurt yourself that will tend to nail down just when and how the accident happened. Your boss will know the back strain occurred at work and not after you got home. Your report does not need to be in writing. You don’t have to prove that your employer was negligent or knew that a part of your job was dangerous. You can’t be penalized because a fellow employee caused the accident. The only important question is whether your injury or illness is work-related.

Again, some injuries and almost all diseases take time to develop. The Workers’ Compensation Act recognizes this, but you still need to report to your employer as soon as you realize that you have a work-related injury or illness.

Missing the workers’ comp reporting deadline may also affect your health insurance. Some insurance plans will pay nothing for a work-related injury or illness. In other words, to delay reporting a work-related injury or illness, may also cause problems in obtaining coverage with your regular health insurance plan.

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