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How Do Workers Comp Medical Benefits Work?

The Workers’ Compensation Act is designed to give you the medical care you require. Medical benefits are the most important benefit for the injured worker.

Once you have told your boss that you have been hurt at work, or the job has made you sick in some way, you have done enough to give the employer “notice” of an injury. After that, the employer should take steps immediately to get you to a doctor.

The law states that the employer is entitled to name the doctor(s) who will treat you for the work related injury. The employer’s list of doctors is called the Panel of Physicians. If, for any reason, the employer does not allow you to see a panel physician, you should go to a doctor or hospital of your own choosing and get treatment. Tell that medical provider you have been hurt on the job. If your injury is found to be work related, then the employer must pay for the medical care you received, even though it was not provided by one of their “panel” physicians.

The quality of medical care you receive from some panel physicians may seem to lean in favor of the employer when it comes to their opinions about the cause and severity of your condition. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the diagnosis or the treatment you receive from a panel physician, I recommend strongly that you obtain a second opinion regarding the cause and severity of your injury. Your lawyer can help you obtain a second opinion with a different physician. Depending upon your individual case and circumstances, sometimes your lawyer can help you see another doctor, entirely independent of the employer’s panel; and the employer/insurer will have to pay for that evaluation

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