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  • John Ashton Snyder Has Been Recognized May 11, 2016
    John Ashton Snyder Has Been Recognized Among the Top in His Industry by the Expert Network The Expert Network celebrates its newest member, Attorney John Ashton Snyder Atlanta, GA – May 5, 2016 ​​​​​John Ashton Snyder​, Attorney at Law, Office of John Ashton ...
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  • John Ashton Snyder Law Receives 2015 Best of Atlanta Award April 25, 2016
    Atlanta Award Program Honors the Achievement ATLANTA September 2, 2015 — John Ashton Snyder Law has been selected for the 2015 Best of Atlanta Award in the Law Offices category by the Atlanta Award Program. Each year, the Atlanta Award Program identifies ...
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  • Why Social Security Denies Disability Applications February 27, 2015
    The decision to file for social security disability insurance benefits or SSDI is usually a serious one and is only done as a last resort. You’ve may have heard about the difficulty of securing benefits and your hope is that everything will work ...
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  • Dangers To Tow Truck Drivers February 15, 2015
    Tow truck drivers are among the most-injured on-the-job drivers on the road, and thus, they often find themselves in a situation where they must resort to workers comp payments in order to recover from a highway injury. It is important, therefore, that ...
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  • Surveillance And Workers Compensation January 30, 2015
    If you’ve been injured on the job, there’s a strong possibility that someone is watching you. If you’re struggling to get well and go back to work, the idea of being watched probably sounds a little creepy. But “activity checks” ...
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  • Qualifying For Workers Compensation Benefits January 16, 2015
    If you’ve suffered an injury while on the job, there is no guarantee that you’ll automatically receive workers’ compensation benefits. The burden of proof is squarely on the claimant to prove that he was indeed injured while working. Unfortunately, claiming ...
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  • Injuries from Working at Chicken Plants December 23, 2014
    Everyday thousands of workers report to chicken plants to earn their daily living. Inside the plants you’ll find these workers standing close to each other as chickens zip through processing lines at high speeds. This is a process that goes ...
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  • Can My Job Spy On Me During My Workers’ Comp Claim Process? December 17, 2014
    With the stark rise of the Internet in everyday life and, in particular, the ubiquity of social media, workplace issues such as workers’ compensation and your rights to protection from on-the-job surveillance have become more relevant than ever before. A Few ...
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  • Why Hearing Loss Qualifies for Workers’ Compensation November 24, 2014
    Workers’ compensation allows millions of hardworking Americans to be rightfully compensated if they are injured while on the job. However, while many people think workers’ compensation is only for people who are physically hurt in an accident, it can actually ...
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  • The Most Dangerous Jobs in America November 24, 2014
    It may be counter-intuitive to think that people who travel for their employers suffer more on-the-job fatalities each year than police officers or construction workers do, but in 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that more than 4,300 workers ...
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